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All Pet Doors works hard to ensure information on our site is up to date and accurate. That said, errors can and will occur from time to time. Please let us know if you find errors with our content, web design, or other areas. Just click on the Feedback link at the bottom of any page.

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Most if not all of our product listings are created and priced by the merchant, such as Amazon.com.  As such we may not be able to make changes to this information.  We’d still like to hear if you see a problem with a listing, and if significant enough, we may remove the listing from our site.

If you have questions about an order, please contact the merchant directly about that order. We are not involved in the transaction and have no access to your order, credit-card information, or delivery information. Click here for our merchant's page.

If you have questions or a problem with a purchased product, you will need to contact the manufacturer.

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